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your personal


this is about you! you want to take the next step towards your personal growth? Curious how Photography can do this?

Creating images, capturing moments of yourself within milliseconds offers the opportunity to get a fast feedback about those moments. What did you feel? What did you think about in this moment? 

These kind of questions will guide us through the time of creation and growth. We together will learn, talk, explore different feelings, emotions, thoughts and I gonna teach you methods which will give you the opportunity to see yourself in a totally different "light". 

your mission

Tell me about your mission! What do you want to accomplish? What or how or where do you see "blockers"? 

our vision

We will create the vision we both want to have at the end of our shoot! We phrase and write down the vision and pin it prominently on a wall to see it every second!

Let’s Work Together

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