my name is Ben! The genuis (needed to laugh about this one but I like it) behind your-photo-experience. Being a Quality Manager since 2006, I created a mindset of "making the customer happy"! I am passionate about photography and its unique process of creating art since 2010. I started as a sports photographer capturing emotions during sport events. 

When I noticed that photography is more than "the image", I started to dig deeper. For me photography now means:

- f   eelings

- e  motions

- e  ye contact

- l   ook & feel

It is about the journey, the creative process towards the image! How do we create a unique look which represents YOU? Curious, let me know and we will work on your journey. 

My goal - providing a unique photo session experience where you learn something new about yourself with remarkable images to document this journey.

In my many photo sessions I have done so far I developed methods to get out the best possible in this moment!