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my "photo experience" - from Emma

coming from, thinking of, being in type of various situations, already got experience in photoshoots, this / or these still changed me personally.

in a way how I see myself, how others see me, being able to connect external and self observation, helped me / still helping me grow

guided, led to a way of shooting how only a few photographers are working. this style is new in a way that it is focussing on other things which get you to better images.

better images are, of course, a very personal opinion. Yet, this one helped me to see photography with a complete different eye.

I am also interested in taking pictures and the way Ben describes why he is doing what, helped me in two ways. as a model I got directions, as a photographer I got "insights" I can use, I tried to become better there as well.

Overall, a wow - great - never to miss - nice experience.


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